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A few words from the CEO

Stephane Pierre Corneille

Stephane Pierre Corneille


“Supporting our family and our community is at the heart of our values and our corporate vision.
As an entrepreneur and salesperson, my strength is to adapt to the demands and needs of my customers;
This time of pandemic is not only negative, it pushes us to surpass ourselves and to reinvent ourselves, so we have gone to search in our relationships and in our know-how to create FOR YOU the best version of a disinfectant gel.
For your protection and that of others HEYPUR is the product you need.
In the same direction, the hygiene of our babies, children and seniors is important.
We have therefore decided to serve you in quality and price defying all competition with the HEYDIAPER range.
But, we could not stop there without giving a place of choice to online shops. It is on HEYDEPOT that you can find Heyseller products but also a multitude of diverse and varied products from all over the world.

Heyseller, united for a better economy. ”






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